7 Spooky Ways to Decorate this Halloween

Photo by GummyBone from Getty Images

With the spookiest time of the year around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about fun Halloween decorations for your home! Whether you’re going all out on the scary stuff or want to bring in some subtle Halloween touches, there are a lot of ways to decorate. 

Halloween is a great time to embrace the silly, the scary, and the fun to really go for it. We’ll look at some of the spookiest ways to decorate your home for this Halloween to celebrate the holiday!

Fall Leaves for the Perfect Decorative Touch

If you like Halloween but don’t like spooky, then don’t worry; you have options. One of the best ways to add some seasonal decorations to your home is to use fall leaves as decorations. For example, you can create or purchase gorgeous Halloween-themed wreathes with fall leaves and dried flowers to add to your door. Or add an autumnal touch to tables and dinnerware with fall leaves and motifs for an elegant touch.

Lanterns and Tea Lights

If you want just a little touch of spooky, lanterns and tea lights are a great way to get some ambient light inside and outside your home. You can create jack-o-lanterns and carved pumpkins outside your home and add tea lights inside to make them a little scarier. Or go for themed lanterns and lights that you can add to your porch or deck to get your neighborhood into the Halloween spirit. 

Pumpkins for a Quick Touch

Speaking of pumpkins…that’s probably the easiest decoration idea to add an instant Halloween touch to your home. You can use pumpkin carvings like mentioned earlier or get pumpkins of varying sizes to decorate with. Others choose to paint pumpkins or decorate them with sequins, glitter, and more to dress them up. No matter what kind of decorative element you choose, though, pumpkins are always a good option for spooky season decorations!

Ghostly Elements

Ghosts are always a fun Halloween decoration but don’t get much due. With witches and zombies being the more popular choice, ghosts aren’t always a big feature for Halloween! But this year, why not make your home a little more ghostly to stand out from the rest? You can use a fog machine to create a spooky ambiance and use LED lights and props. That will help to make the house seem haunted and give neighbors and friends a little scare. 

Go High-tech

With so many new gadgets out there, there’s actually a lot of room to play around with Halloween decorations! You can project haunted scenes and scary Youtube clips for a different type of decoration. Or you can hook up Alexa to your speakers at home and play scary music, or haunted house noises when guests come over to set a creepy atmosphere. Smart LED lights and other home technology can help set the scene even more and create an unforgettable experience!

Bring Your Doorbell into it

Last but not least is the subtle option. For those that want to celebrate Halloween but don’t necessarily want to take it too far..why not have your doorbell be the decoration? If you have a gadget like the Nest or another smart home device, you can add scary sound effects when someone rings your doorbell to get into the Halloween spirit. Or you can find clips on the internet for scary doorbell noises and customize your doorbell with an extra scary sound effect.

Add Some Spooky Touches to Your Home

At the end of the day, Halloween is definitely a spooky time – but it’s also a fun one! No matter what kind of decoration you pick, think of it as a time to get a little creative and enjoy the season. So whether you’re more of a pumpkin person or want to go for something super scary, Halloween is the best occasion to really go for it and create some fun memories with just the right touch of spookiness.