5 Holiday Decorating Tips

Photo by Oleg Zaicev from Pexels

Need a few holiday decorating tips to spruce up your home for the next few months? Here are a few things to think about. 

Try Using Themes in a Few Rooms

One neat idea is to consider creating themes in a few rooms. 

For example, do you love snowmen? You could fill one room with different types of decorations that have snowmen. 

  • Throw pillows on the couches and chairs
  • A blanket draped over the couch
  • Some wall art
  • Put a few figurines or statues on the floor, tables or mantle

You can do this with just about any holiday-themed item: reindeer, snowflakes, poinsettias, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc. This is a fun way to incorporate some of your favorite holiday elements into your decor. 

Slowly Build Up Decorations Over Time

If you haven’t owned a home for very long, you probably don’t own tons of holiday decorations. If that’s the case, try to avoid feeling like you need a full home’s worth of decorations right now. 

Instead, decide that you’ll slowly build up your collection of decorations over the next few years. Buy a few things each year. That way you can feel like you’re progressing towards your goal of having all of the decorations you want but avoid spending too much money right now. 

Use Apps like Pinterest or Instagram for Ideas

Let’s face it – these types of apps have made life a lot easier in some ways. It’s easy as pie to just pull up an endless list of images to get ideas from. 

Don’t feel like it’s “cheating.” Everyone does it these days! It’s a great way to easily come up with things you can do around the house with the decorations you already have or can get without breaking your budget. 

Be Diverse

You may really like those multicolored Christmas lights or hanging poinsettias everywhere. That’s great, but consider using a wide variety of decorations around your home. 

  • Flowers such as poinsettias
  • Different colors of Christmas lights strands
  • Scented candles
  • Garland
  • Wreaths
  • Miniature village collectibles
  • Large and small Christmas trees
  • Plates and cups
  • Throw pillows and blankets

Again, sites like Pinterest make this easy to get ideas. And the variety of decorations will both help you feel accomplished and impress your family and friends as they come over. 

Don’t Over-do It

Our last tip is to avoid overdoing it!

We recommend not putting up so many decorations that they overwhelm the senses. You can do a lot in each room with just a few new elements like throw pillows, a small Christmas tree, scented candles, and garland. 

If you cover every square inch of the home with holiday decorations, it may start to feel overwhelming to you or your friends and family… even if you don’t realize it.

This is a great time of year and hopefully, these holiday decorating tips help make your home more relaxing to end this stressful year. And always remember that we’re here to help with any home-related questions you may have! Our phone number is (844) 765-6844 – we always enjoy talking with our customers.