5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home a Summer Oasis

Photo by brizmaker from Getty Images

As soon as the warm, pleasant weather arrives, we feel the need to take advantage of it. Often, we use the presence of nice weather to visit beaches and vacation spots. However, there are times when the hustle and bustle of crowds make these places not as relaxing. So, why not take advantage of the space we have at home? With these simple tips, you can turn your home into a summer oasis. 

You can take advantage of different spaces in your home to turn them into a real summer oasis. With a bit of imagination, you can get the full potential of your home without having to spend too much money.   

1. Furniture 

One of the most important elements in home decoration is the furniture. The design and style you choose will be key in creating the atmosphere you want. For example, a rattan papasan chair with a bright cushion can add flair and coziness to a space.

Nowadays, there are complete sets of furniture on the market that will combine perfectly with each other. It is often thought that plastic furniture is more resistant, but we must remember that plastic is susceptible to heat. Wooden furniture is the best option to give your home the tropical atmosphere you want to recreate.  

2. Plants 

Plants are a fundamental part of the decoration and the atmosphere that you will create in your home. You must know the type of climate you have at home as the choice of plants will depend on that. You can buy some gardenias, aloe vera, or small cacti that are very easy to maintain and take care of. Hanging pots are also one of the best decorating decisions you can make. By placing several plants on the ceiling, you will get the effect of a real tropical oasis in your home.  

3. Grass 

For any environment you want to transform into a green and natural area, the best option is artificial grass. It will not only save you time and effort in installation but also maintenance. If you opt for a natural lawn, remember that an important factor to consider is the temperature and climate where you live. An artificial lawn is environmentally friendly as it is an excellent way to save water.  

4. Stones 

Stones give personality and elegance to any garden or terrace you want to transform into an oasis. If you have enough space, a white stone path is a great visual attraction. It can give your space an elegant and a very zen feel. The stones require no care; their maintenance is ultimately zero. Even if you don’t have the space necessary to build a pathway, you can arrange them together in a corner to give your entire space a relaxing look. 

5. Lighting 

No matter what mood or style you want to give to your home, lighting helps to create intimate and personal spaces. LED lights are the best option to provide the right illumination in your terrace or any space in your home. They help you create a heavenly and intimate atmosphere. If you want to enjoy your oasis at night, solar lamps are a great addition. These lamps are charged with the sun’s rays during the day and turn on automatically at night. Place these types of lamps in a place where they illuminate your space perfectly, enhancing the atmosphere you are looking for in your home.  

Enjoy Your Summer Oasis

Turning your home into a pleasant summer oasis can be a laborious task but with very satisfactory results. The most important element is to create a connection between the space and the elements you place inside it. To complete your oasis, add colors typical of nature, such as different shades of green, yellow and brown.