4 Easy Spring Decoration Tips for Your House

Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels

Spring is a beautiful time. Flowers are blooming. The trees are covered in leaves again, giving us great places to sit and rest in the shade. The weather is comfortable – not too hot, not too cold. 

Just as the world changes outside, it also makes sense to change the inside of your home to match the season. Here are a few spring decorating tips to help. 

Spring Decorating Tip #1: Flowers are Your Friend

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most notable things about springtime is all the flowers coming out. Yes, we have flowers all year. But the spring is the best time to enjoy them, plus there just tend to be more flowers out right now. 

The great thing about using flowers to decorate your home is there are lots of ways to use them. 

  • Put a bunch of them in an old metal bucket.
  • Stick a few flowers with long stalks in a tall vase.
  • Flowers with short stems can be added to short glass jars or bowls.
  • The tried-and-true method of just keeping the plants in a pot works great.

Yes, you can overdo it. But flowers are a great way to add color to your home in a variety of ways. 

Spring Decorating Tip #2: Hang a New Wreath

We tend to think of wreaths as Christmas decorations. While that’s true, you can actually hang a wreath year-round. The key is to have different types of wreaths for each season. 

Spring wreaths come in a variety of styles:

  • Some have different flowers on them.
  • Spring wreaths may have colored ribbons such as light blues, greens, or yellows.
  • You may see wreaths with types of fruit, like lemons or berries.

Feel free to hang these on both the inside and outside of your front door! That way it’s not just your neighbors enjoying the beautiful wreath, but you get to as well. 

Spring Decorating Tip #3: Try Butterflies

Flowers shouldn’t get all the glory. Adding some decor with butterflies is another good option, as we often associate butterflies with springtime due to the large numbers of flowers everywhere. 

Some people build butterfly “trees” by putting curly willows in a container and attaching plastic butterflies. Other people rely on things like throw pillows or pictures on the wall. Maybe you want to get a nice birdcage and attach a few artificial butterflies to it. 

No matter how you choose to use them, butterflies will add a lot of colors and beauty to your home. 

Spring Decorating Tip #4: Add Lighter Colors to Your Rooms

Your decor doesn’t have to be completely devoted to things like butterflies or flowers. You’d be amazed how the feel of a room can change by just adding a few things with lighter colors we tend to see in the spring. 

For example, you can change your throw pillows on the couch from a darker shade you used in the winter to a light blue. That heavy blanket that sits folded over a chair can go into storage, and you can replace it with a thinner, light yellow blanket. 

Just a few tweaks like this won’t cost much money and can help you decorate for spring in no time.