4 DIY Home Projects to Try this Fall

Wondering what kinds of fall DIY projects you should try over the next few months? Here are a few suggestions. 

DIY Home Project for Fall #1: Stain the Deck

Did you know that your deck needs to get stained every few years? Even though it won’t fall apart after a few years of poor maintenance, it certainly won’t last as long as it could. We recommend doing this in the fall since the weather is cool but not freezing. 

To take good care of your deck, the first step is to pressure wash it. This gets all of the dirt, mold and grime off. Once the grime gets off, give it at least a day or two to let the wood dry. Then it’s time to get staining or painting. 

The great thing about painting a deck is it’s difficult to mess up! The wood will soak up the paint like a sponge, so you probably won’t have a lot of drips like what can happen when painting drywall. Just make sure you don’t drip the paint onto your concrete patio below!

DIY Home Project for Fall #2: Build a Retaining Wall

Have you ever thought of building a retainer wall someplace around the house? Maybe you have a few trees that you think would look great with a small round around them. Or perhaps your yard just seems a little bland, and you’re thinking a raised flower bed would look nice. 

Enter the retaining wall. This is a great time of year to build these because you can invest the time without sweating like crazy or getting too cold. 

The key to building a retaining wall is patience. The bottom layer sets the foundation for the whole wall, so it needs to be correct. It can take some time to get it perfectly level, especially if this is the first wall you’ve built. But the good news is once you have the bottom layer done, the hard part is over! Stacking blocks on a well-placed bottom layer is easy. 

DIY Project #3: Decorate for the Fall

These 3 short months make up the favorite season for millions of people. Yellows, oranges and reds that you just don’t see any other time of year make their debut. Why not embrace these colors and bring them into your home? 

Try adding some decor. Throw pillows go a long way and are pretty inexpensive. Wall art is also easy to put up. But you can do a lot more than these. For example, try a new wreath like one made with sunflowers. Or you can try putting things like pinecones in mason jars or glass bowls. Fall candles that smell like pumpkin pie or apples can be a big hit. 

Project for Fall #4: Build Something

Is there a piece of furniture you’ve been wanting but don’t want to buy? Maybe it’s worth building it yourself. For example, you can build a work desk pretty easily with a few old bookshelves and a piece of wood from your local DIY store. Or you can try upgrading your mudroom by building a smell bench and hanging up some hooks. 

The best part is the sense of accomplishment you feel when you’re done!

Best of luck with your fall projects! And if there’s anything we can do to help answer your home refinancing needs, give us a call at (562) 924-7884. We’ll talk to you soon.